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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Mercenary's Bounty, a New Action Adventure Thriller Book by CJ Davis

CJ Davis, first introduced us to Reese Hawthorne and Kate Whitley in the original fantasy adventure novel, Battle for the Afterlife Saga, Blue Courage, that was hailed as a "genre shifter" and "a killer combination of fantasy, sci-fi, action and romance."  Now, Davis brings to life all new characters in a thrilling new action adventure book that takes you deep into the heart of a dark Papau New Guinea jungle.

When a research team suddenly goes missing in the deep jungles of Papua New Guinea, highly-skilled mercenary Chase “Ace” Harper is hired to investigate. During the research team’s last transmission it’s revealed they discovered an extremely potent medicinal plant with extraordinary cancer fighting qualities, but a crazed native tribe worships and guards the plant as a sacred object. Making matters worse, an active volcano stands to obliterate the research team, and the invaluable plant any day. Chase must navigate the jagged clutches of the jungle, rescue the research team and escape before the menacing volcano decimates the area.

Hot in pursuit are additional mercenaries looking to secure a million dollar bounty put out by another pharmaceutical company that caught wind of the plant’s potential to cure cancer. Among them is an estranged war buddy, Samson Treveski, and his deadly knife-assassin wife, Naomi. Samson’s been crossed by Chase one too many times, and he’s eager to even the score.

A simple rescue mission quickly turns into a race against time to secure a plant that has the potential to save millions. Chase is forced to decide between the mystifying plant and the lives of those he swore to protect.

Watch The Mercenary's Bounty book trailer here.

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